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Driving Circularity to Success

While we are facing the end of a linear economy era, circular strategies and solutions will revolutionize global markets.

-80% saving production costs
11 M returned and processed parts
-90% reducing products CO₂ emissions

We at Encory pioneer the circular economy across industries and transforming sustainability into a tangible reality. Our innovative solutions cover the entire value chain, significantly reducing costs, CO₂ emissions and preserving valuable resources. We are committed to creating a sustainable future by extending the lifecycle of vehicle components, promoting eco-friendly practices and delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions to our customers. Join us in driving the future of sustainable mobility and making a positive impact on the environment.



Founded in September 2016, Encory is a joint venture that combines the expertise of the industry leaders BMW Group and Interzero.

+1 M

Processed Parts

per Year

Located in Germany and China


We drive sustainable and economic growth through targeted innovation and customer orientation. Our tailored solutions promote efficiency, accountability and diversity for mutual benefit and resource conservation.

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Which services do you offer in detail?

We offer a wide range of services and are specialized in developing and operating circular approaches by promoting solutions for reusing, remanufacturing, repairing, repurposing and recycling. Our comprehensive circular solutions cover a wide range of services, including sustainable remanufacturing projects, complete reverse supply chain management, and secure recycling of obsolete products. These services are designed to support the circular economy by managing the lifecycle of vehicle parts from their initial use to their eventual second life.

What exactly is your focus?

Our focus lies in developing and operating sustainable and circular solutions for various industries e.g. automotive, commercial vehicles, heavy duty machinery, agricultural. The services are designed to support a circular economy by managing and extending the lifecycle of vehicle parts.

Is Encory solely a consulting company?

We are not solely a consulting company. As an innovative solution provider along the entire value chain, we create and implement intelligent and customized solutions across industries – proving that economic efficiency and sustainability are not only compatible but can jointly be the driver to success.