Hanno Grosseschmidt, Marko Rehmböck & Team

The Management Board consists of the roles of the Managing Director, Human Resources and Quality Management & Governance. The focus is on the perception of the management processes in the company in order to create a sustainable framework for value creation.

A special characteristic of the department is the overarching strategic view to promote the corporate culture, which is characterized by growth, efficiency and innovation. This is achieved primarily through targeted employee development and the constant review of processes and guidelines within the company. We want our employees to reach their full potential so that Encory remains a customer-oriented and high-performance organization in the future.

Management Board

Harpal Kohli, Oliver Horvat & Team

We offer an end-to-end solution for the establishment of a closed parts cycle in companies of all industries. We focus on the entire reverse logistics including the necessary innovative IT systems, and on the conception and implementation of a sustainable product portfolio.

Our solutions are modularly structured so that we can specifically address the problems of our customers.

Team Members

Arno Raths & Team

The Aftersales Products team protects our customers‘ products, parts and components from being scrapped or destroyed. We take over overproduction, obsolete and B-goods from production plants and warehouses.

With our international network of qualified buyers (in defined regions if you wish) we provide an economically attractive alternative by reusing instead of scrapping. The resulting positive effect of saving resources corresponds to our claim to a circular economy.

Team Mitglied

Sebastian Henke & Team

We plan efficient processes and implement appropriate system solutions.

We are working at different national and international locations and work on a daily basis together with our internal and external partners to steadily optimize the current logistic processes.

Our goal is to satisfy and outperform the expectations of all partners in the supply chain.

Team Mitglied

Marco Scherb & Team

We develop and implement our own software and app solutions with a high focus on usability and transparency. A great atmosphere to create, but also to improve new or existing software and apps. Making our company run seamlessly and giving us the opportunity to always be connected with the latest data and information.

Information Management

Patrick Brauch & Team

The Business Administration Team is responsible for tax, legal, purchasing, accounting and controlling. The team carries out the operative activities for these areas and acts as an internal service provider and advisor.

Business Administration




usage of renewable energy in our locations



of your product's co2 emissions can be saved through remanufacturing



parts processed and given a second life

We take our responsibility seriously

We are operating at different national and international locations and work on a daily basis together with our internal and external partners to steadily optimize the current logistic processes.

Our goal is to satisfy and outperform the expectations of all partners in the supply chain.

Sustainability is part of our business models

Through our business models, we make a significant contribution to the sustainability of our customers´ aftersales activities. We optimize parts cycles in such a way that the product life cycle and thereby the lifetime of products is extended. The use of raw materials and resources is also reduced. If this is not possible, we ensure professional recycling.

Our way to sustainability

In order to continuously improve our ecological sustainability as a company, we regularly deal with environmental aspects that we can actively influence. One focus is on determining our CO2 emissions from travel activities and the use of renewable energies at our locations. In the past we have successfully invested in social and sustainable projects.


Quality management according to ISO 9001:2015

In order to be perceived as a reliable and strong partner in the market, we accomplished the ISO certification in 2019 according to the global standard of the quality management norm. This was a major step to evolve into the continuously improving organization that can react quickly to the customers´ needs of today.

We follow established processes according to the required standards. This helps us to control the constantly changing environmental conditions so that we can always offer our customers high quality products and services.


Environmental management according to iso 14001:2015

In order to continuously improve our environmental performance, we decided to introduce the international standard of environmental management in 2019. Through successful certification, we have committed ourselves to support environmental protection and reduce our carbon footprint

In this way, we want to underline our claim to be perceived as a sustainable solution provider in aftersales. We follow environmental goals that define the sustainable use of resources and go hand in hand with compliance regulations. Here, we strive to exceed the requirements and continuously improve our actions for the greater good.


TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange)

Due to the increasing digitalization, we decided to introduce an information security management system in 2020. We want to be perceived as a secure partner in the market that our customers trust. This includes, in particular, the secure handling of information.

TISAX was launched by the VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) and the ENX Association. It is a uniform quality standard for more information security. This regulates the test criteria, test methods and the standard for the exchange of test information along the entire value chain of an automobile and is therefore valid for all parties involved.