Posted by | 18 06 2020
The Corona Crisis – The Consequences for reman

With the continuing caution by politicians (and perhaps a greater degree of luck on all sides), the Covid 19 pandemic may be entering a late stage for now. Whether the...

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Posted by | 10 03 2020
Turning scrap into gold

“All that glitters is not gold.” William Shakespeare (1564–1616). On the other hand, not everything that looks dreary, grubby or dirty is valueless. Most motorists have passed scrapyards piled-high with...

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Posted by | 23 01 2020
Reman – a powerful voice for the environment

Some may see remanufacturing just as a cheaper alternative to an original new part, but reman is much more and can provide relevant impact to the growing concerns of global...

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Posted by | 05 12 2019
2020 – a Breakthrough Year for Remanufacturing in China?

For years, there has been a gap between theory and practice in remanufacturing in China, one of the world’s largest economies and its largest and most rapidly expanding automotive market....

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