Year: 2018
Location: Various
Industry: Automotive

Reverse Logistics Management

Reverse supply chains are characterized by a high degree of complexity, often making it hard to keep an overview on all processes and touchpoints. Thanks to smart process solutions integrated with Encory’s IT landscape, Encory helped an automotive OEM to sort cores for remanufacturing at their current national warehouses, increase process transparency and to steer the reverse supply chain via KPIs.

The Approach

With the aim of maximizing the degree of transparency along the customer’s reverse supply chain, Encory performed the following tasks:

  1. Analysis of reverse logistics network and IT landscape
  2. Identification of involved key stakeholders (logistic and warehouse service providers)
  3. Upgrade of software involved in the reverse supply chain, replaced by Encory’s own IT solutions
  4. Connection of business intelligence solutions to transparently steer the whole logistics network
  5. Creation of ad-hoc reports, customized based on the stakeholder and the addressee


Value Added

The introduction of modern software and business intelligence tools brought the following benefits to the OEM:

  • Encory’s own software for initiating returns reduced the request time by 50%
  • Continuous KPI tracking and customized reporting allow a transparent steering of processes and involved service providers
  • Sorting of cores directly at national warehouses based on Encory’s software reduced the transport and process costs for handling bad cores at central warehouses

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