Year: 2017
Location: Germany
Industry: Automotive

IT Solutions

Core identification and core quality evaluation are an essential part of reverse supply chains for reman parts (i.e. cores). Sorting is a key step to ensure that collected cores meet the technical requirements for remanufacturing and that unusable parts are disposed in an environmentally friendly way. For this purpose, Encory developed for an automotive OEM a sorting software that facilitates sorting and quality check processes.

The Approach

In the development process of the software, Encory conducted the following steps:

  1. Analyses of the entire sorting process and users’ touchpoints to ensure high usability and minimal lead times
  2. Definition of IT architecture, database and required interfaces
  3. Collection of product data and creation of a database of part numbers and sorting criteria
  4. Prototyping and development of web-based return platform
  5. Platform testing with test users and optimization via MTM analyses to ensure full satisfaction
  6. Software training with external warehouse service providers of OEM


Value Added

Thanks to the implementation of the new sorting software, the automotive OEM experienced the following benefits:

  • Database availability, including all relevant reman part numbers, sample pictures and sorting criteria
  • Reduction of lead time per sorted part
  • Less mistakes during the sorting process due to clear instructions given by the software
  • The software generates reliable operation data to analyse number and type of circulating cores as well
    as to evaluate the sorting process and quality

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