Year: 2017
Location: Germany
Industry: Automotive

IT Solutions

In order to optimize the information flow within the reverse supply chain of a premium automotive OEM, Encory was requested to develop a platform for returning automotive parts. The major goal was to make the return process as easy as possible for the dealers of the OEM in order to minimize possible mistakes and delays along the return supply chain.

The Approach

Encory developed a completely new return platform, following these steps:

  1. Analyses of the entire return process and dealers’ touchpoints, to ensure high functionality and usability of the platform
  2. Definition of IT architecture, data sources and required interfaces
  3. Prototyping and development of a web-based return platform
  4. Platform testing with dealers and optimization until full satisfaction


Value Added

Thanks to its smart system architecture, the newly developed platform brought the following key benefits to the OEM and its dealers:

  • Dealers save about 50% time on administrative tasks
  • Dealers have complete transparency on their parts and money
  • Faster credit note creation, which increases cash position of dealers
  • OEM can track and steer return processes and better understand reasons for returns, because a trustworthy data base is given

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