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Remanufacturing refers to the process of restoring broken products to the original product's shape, function, quality and condition through a series of industrial processes, including disassembly, cleaning, maintaining, replacement of parts, and reassembly.

Your challenges

  • Declining customer loyalty due to cheaper alternatives on the free aftermarket (IAM)

  • Supply chain bottlenecks and complications in the supply of spare parts

  • High costs in management and further development of the portfolio

  • Difficulties in selecting reliable suppliers for remanufacturing.

Our solution

We develop a customized remanufacturing strategy aligned with your goals and challenges, identifying potential products by analyzing technical feasibility, economic efficiency, and environmental impact. For suitable products, we calculate a business case, create requirement profiles, identify remanufacturing partners, assist in drafting specification documents, and oversee production launch and ongoing series support.

Customer benefits

Increase customer loyalty and retention

Compensate for supply chain bottlenecks

Develop and control efficient portfolio management

Establish a suitable supplier pool for remanufacturing



  • 01


    Establishing a remanufacturing cycle to compensate for supply bottlenecks and enhance customer loyalty.

  • 02


    Introduced a program to produce high-quality, economically sustainable parts for storage and surplus sale.

  • 03


    We identified suitable parts, manufactured them cost-efficiently, and built a final stock to mitigate supply issues.

  • 04


    Strengthened customer loyalty, minimized supply risks, and generated additional sales through surplus.

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Maximilian Karmann

Head of Reman Product Management

Would you like to optimize your remanufacturing program? We will assess your current program and provide optimization recommendations or even do it for you.

Contact me for an initial, non-binding conversation and let us explore how we can best support you in optimizing your core management.

Remanufacturing in the automotive industry is important for several reasons