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Repair refers to the process of fixing a product that has become damaged, or malfunctioning and restoring it to its original function. This process may involve replacing broken components, fixing mechanical or electrical issues, and addressing any cosmetic damage.

Your challenges

  • Declining customer loyalty due to cheaper alternatives on the free aftermarket (IAM)

  • Supply chain bottlenecks and complications in the supply of spare parts

  • High costs in management and further development of the portfolio

  • Difficulties in selecting reliable suppliers for remanufacturing.

Our solution

We develop a customized repair strategy aligned with your goals and challenges, evaluating your product portfolio for repair suitability. We consider technical and economic aspects, identify potential repair partners, define KPIs for selecting service providers, and support, monitor, and control the repair process with our in-house SaaS solutions.

Customer benefits

Offer an attractive portfolio for price-sensitive customers

Generate cross-selling effects with repair services

Achieve cost and CO₂ savings compared to new parts

Ensure a long-term supply of parts through repair



  • 01


    Supply bottlenecks for essential SMD components in spare parts production.

  • 02


    Developed a 1:1 repair solution to cushion supply shortages in local markets.

  • 03


    We collaborated with specialists to implement a quick and cost-effective repair service.

  • 04


    Ensured aftermarket supply security through stock sales and rapid repair solutions.

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Jan Reisinger


Would you like to optimize or create your repair solution program? We evaluate your current product portfolio for technical and economic feasibility and make recommendations for optimizing your current repair process.

Contact me for an initial, non-binding conversation and let us explore how we can best support you in optimizing your repair solution.

Repairing in the automotive industry is important for several reasons