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Repurposing refers to the process of taking a product that is no longer needed for its original purpose and finding a new use or function for it. This involves transforming the product or material so that it can be used in a different way.

Your challenges

  • Finding compatible systems or applications for repurposed materials.

  • Ensuring the safe handling and operation of repurposed items.

  • Meeting regulatory requirements and standards.

  • High upfront costs for integration or identifying suitable repurposing options.

Our solution

We develop a customized repurposing strategy aligned with your goals and challenges, offering comprehensive solutions for extending HV batteries' life cycles beyond vehicle use. We test and assess the condition and performance of HV batteries, ensuring they meet safety and quality standards. We offer customized integration solutions for storage applications and can purchase batteries directly from you, maximizing value while minimizing environmental impact.

Customer benefits

Increase sustainability by giving batteries a second life

Save costs compared to traditional recycling

Improve the environment with innovative repurposing

Partner with experts in circular economy strategies



  • 01


    Ensuring enough stock, battery status transparency, and regulatory compliance.

  • 02


    Facilitated battery repurposing with comprehensive handling and testing.

  • 03


    We managed the process to integrate batteries into second life solutions, including energy storage.

  • 04


    Batteries were repurposed effectively, minimizing environmental impact and maximizing value.

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Arno Raths

Director Aftersales Products

Would you like to improve the CO2 impact of batteries and give them a second life? We will help you find out if your product is suitable for a second life.

Contact me for an initial, non-binding conversation and let us explore how we can best support you in getting your repurposing business started.

Repurposing in the automotive industry is important for several reasons