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Reuse refers to the practice of giving a product a second life in its original purpose instead of disposing it. This can include either new products that have been returned from the market by restocking them after a quality check or products that occur as production rejects but ready for usage in other sales channels. But also used parts that can be sold to a second or third user are included.

Your challenges

  • High storage costs due to remaining stock and surplus materials

  • Difficulty accessing buyers for obsolete goods and managing logistics

  • Complicated evaluation and qualification of obsolete items for reuse

  • High scrapping costs and negative environmental impact from unused goods

Our solution

We develop a customized reuse strategy aligned with your goals and challenges, providing a second life for your obsolete products, surplus materials, and B-quality items. This approach helps you gain higher revenues, save valuable resources, and positively impact the environment by extending product lifetimes. If needed, we also guarantee the professional and secure destruction of your products.

Customer benefits

Achieve higher revenues instead of scrapping goods

Increase sustainability by giving products a second life

Reduce high storage costs through stock clearance

Resell to selected customers without market cannibalization



  • 01


    Many OEMs faced high storage costs and negative environmental impacts from scrapping obsolete products.

  • 02


    Analyzed product portfolios to identify marketability, aiming to purchase and repurpose obsolete products and surplus parts.

  • 03


    We saved over 3 million obsolete parts globally by integrating a simple handling process and reliable communication.

  • 04


    Increased sustainability and customer satisfaction, reflected in positive annual customer survey feedback.

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Arno Raths

Director Aftersales Products

Would you like to improve the CO2 impact of batteries and give them a second life? We will help you find out if your product is suitable for a second life.

Contact me for an initial, non-binding conversation and let us explore how we can best support you in getting your repurposing business started.

Reusing in the automotive industry is important for several reasons