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Circular strategy refers to a business strategy that focuses on creating a closed-loop system for resources, where waste is minimized, and materials are reused and recycled.

Your challenges

  • Aligning the sustainability strategy with overall business goals while ensuring economic viability

  • Identifying and managing suitable strategies for varying business models and products

  • Conducting thorough environmental impact analyses and selecting effective measures to minimize the footprint

  • Coordinating with stakeholders and systematically embedding sustainability into business processes

Our solution

We develop a customized sustainability strategy aligned with your goals and challenges, seamlessly integrating circularity into your business model. Our approach includes a thorough analysis of your product portfolio based on the R-strategies, benchmarking with competitors, and creating a circular economy roadmap tailored to your individual needs.

Customer benefits

Achieve revenue growth through a sustainable product portfolio

Develop an innovative aftersales portfolio to meet customer needs

Set and achieve industry-leading sustainability targets

Ensure material supply through R-Strategies



  • 01


    Increasing aftersales revenue growth while incorporating sustainability initiatives.

  • 02


    Conducted an in-depth portfolio analysis and competitor benchmarking to derive a strategic roadmap addressing both internal & external factors.

  • 03


    Defined a suitable strategy and supported the implementation of measures outlined in the roadmap.

  • 04


    Optimized and expanded the existing aftersales portfolio, achieving revenue growth and cost reduction, while minimizing the environmental footprint.

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Julia Pauly

Head of Sustainability Consulting

Would you like to develop and implement your sustainability strategy and/or want to close product loops? We will assess your status quo and develop your circular strategy together with you.

Contact me for an initial, non-binding conversation and let us explore how we can best support you in developing your strategy.

A circular strategy is important for several reasons


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