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Core management is a process wihtin an active Remanufacturing program that starts with sourcing of broken parts (cores), and ends with collection and qualifying that products before forwarding them to the supplier. The process includes procurement, logistics, inventory and retrieval management.

Your challenges

  • Significant revenue losses due to insufficient core availability

  • High costs for buying back or using core brokers to meet demand

Our solution

We develop a customized core management strategy aligned with your goals and challenges, making your core management more efficient to reduce costs and efforts. Whether you need sourcing, logistics, or sorting, we ensure your good and bad cores are returned to where you need them, supporting a seamless operation.

Customer benefits

Increase efficiency and leverage savings potential

Optimize your entire core sourcing process

Professionalize and industrialize core management

Assess and improve core program efficiency



  • 01


    A remanufacturing portfolio of specific automatic transmissions was about to be cancelled due to unavailability of cores.

  • 02


    We analysed sales and return data to identify potential issues for each part number, corresponding processes and markets.

  • 03


    We adaped deposit values to a more competitive level, as well as closing process gaps and monitoring the changes.

  • 04


    Realized additional revenue of over €2 million annually from increased core availability.

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Gunnar Jordan

Head of Core Management

Would you like to optimize your core management program? We will assess your current program and provide optimization recommendations or even do it for you. Contact me for an initial, non-binding conversation and let us explore how we can best support you in optimizing your core management.

Core management in the automotive industry is important for several reasons.