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Dangerous Goods services encompass a range of activities and solutions related to the safe handling, storage, transportation, and disposal of hazardous materials in the reverse logistics according to regulatory requirements.

Your challenges

  • Absence of return processes for dangerous goods

  • Lack of a transportation concept adhering to safety standards

  • Missing storage concepts for dangerous substances

Our solution

We develop a customized dangerous goods management strategy aligned with your goals and challenges, diving deep into your parts spectrum to focus on items classified as dangerous goods and substances. We identify relevant regulations affecting your processes, ensuring optimization and compliance. We craft comprehensive return solutions backed by robust IT infrastructure, stabilizing your processes and guaranteeing regulatory adherence.

Customer benefits

Facilitate the safe return of dangerous goods

Enhance satisfaction with optimized return processes

Handle dangerous goods efficiently, including batteries

Strengthen your reputation with solid ESG practices



  • 01


    Dissatisfied customers due to the lack of a return process for dangerous goods.

  • 02


    Designed an end-to-end return process, considering the variety of parts, transportation and storage regulations, and customer needs.

  • 03


    Segregated dangerous goods for special treatment, ensuring compliance.

  • 04


    Enhanced circular economy contributions, improved customer satisfaction, and prevented losses.

Get in touch with our experts.

Markus Lehner

Head of Project Management

Would you like to establish a return process for dangerous goods, thus broadening your customer service scope? We will review your current operations and suggest optimizations, offering a comprehensive concept for implementation. As your potential end-to-end partner, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Contact me for an initial, non-binding conversation to discover how we can assist in elevating your management of dangerous goods and substances. 

The management of dangerous goods in the automotive industry is important for several reasons