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Data Solutions refer to the range of activities and solutions provided by Encory to manage, support, and optimize digital technologies and processes within their reverse supply chain operations. IT & Digitization services aim to enhance organizational efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness by leveraging digital technologies and strategies.

Your challenges

  • Inefficient processes leading to high processing costs

  • Lack of transparency in logistics processes

  • Decisions are not based on data and facts, reducing effectiveness

Our solution

We develop a customized data solutions strategy aligned with your goals and challenges, enabling quick evaluation of your fully digitalized reverse supply chain and generated data. We offer various solutions to increase process efficiency, such as process mining, optimizing logistics network locations, and tracking CO<sub>2</sub> emissions. Our aim is to create maximum transparency, providing the foundation for evidence-based decision-making and optimal operational and management processes.

Customer benefits

Increase transparency in logistics processes and CO₂ emissions

Enable centralized data-based monitoring and management

Create single points of truth for accurate data

Reduce process errors and inefficiencies effectively



  • 01


    Lack of transparency on CO2 emissions hinders reduction efforts and regulatory compliance in the logistics operations.

  • 02


    Defined requirements for holistic CO2 monitoring, developed a database, and created a user-friendly data model for your logistics operations.

  • 03


    We implemented a comprehensive CO2 monitoring system tailored to specific needs.

  • 04


    Enabled detailed evaluation of logistical CO2 emissions, providing a foundation for targeted reduction efforts.

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Vasileios Liakos

Data Scientist

Would you like to extract more value from your existing data or plan to collect additional data in the future to enhance process transparency? We will help you in achieving greater transparency and optimizing your business processes, from management to operations. Contact me for an initial, non-binding conversation and let us explore how our data solutions can address your current challenges.

Data solutions in the automotive industry are important for several reasons