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We ensure HV batteries are returned from production sites, dealerships, or customers in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. As your end-to-end partner, we design and operate solutions along the entire value chain.

Your challenges

  • Complex battery reverse supply chain processes

  • Managing diverse dealer or customer networks for returns

  • Insufficient warehousing space for HV batteries

  • Seeking partners with diverse options for battery handling and reuse

Our solution

We develop a customized HV battery return strategy aligned with your goals and challenges, planning, implementing, and managing HV battery returns from production sites, dealerships, or customers. Our online portal ensures easy processing, battery classification support, and transparency of return shipments. Logistic partners provide packaging solutions and ensure compliant transport. We integrate testing and storage locations or implement new ones, working with partners for repair, reuse, or closed-loop recycling solutions.

Customer benefits

Implement a cost-efficient reverse supply chain

Improve sustainability with second life strategies

Increase satisfaction with an easy return process

Ensure access to recovered raw materials



  • 01


    Lack of expertise and transparency in managing closed-loop battery recycling.

  • 02


    Designed and implemented a proof-of-concept for an OEM battery reverse supply chain.

  • 03


    Managed transport, disassembly, testing, and recycling, ensuring material tracking.

  • 04


    Validated supply chain design and achieved a high recovery rate of materials.

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Patrick Linge

Head of HV Battery Management

Would you like to design or improve your reverse supply chain for HV batteries? We will assess your needs, provide optimization recommendations or even manage the supply chain for you.

Contact me for an initial, non-binding conversation and let us explore how we can best support you in optimizing your battery returns.

Reverse supply chains for HV batteries in the automotive or equipment manufacturing industry are important for several reasons