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Returns Management

Returns management is a process that starts with customers wishing to return a product, and ends with collecting, qualifying and restocking that product. The process includes customer support, logistics, and inventory management.

Your challenges

  • Inefficient reverse logistics and parts sorting processes

  • Encouraging customers to participate in return programs

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the return process

  • Convincing customers of the benefits of effective return management

Our solution

We develop a customized return management strategy aligned with your goals and challenges, planning, implementing, and managing reverse logistics tailored to your needs. We handle the entire process, from collecting parts at dealerships and repair workshops, sorting and assessing them at logistic centers, to restocking suitable parts in your central warehouse. Unsuitable parts are recycled by certified recyclers, ensuring timely and accurate credit notes. 

Customer benefits

Increase customer satisfaction in aftersales

Implement efficient processes for return management

Optimize return processes to enhance efficiency

Drive growth in aftersales through reverse logistics



  • 01


    Establishing comprehensive reverse logistics for a major OEM to handle more than 350,000 part numbers as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

  • 02


    Analyzed data and conducted a location analysis to define future returns and claims management processes. Including the development of a suitable IT solution.

  • 03


    Implemented a fully digitalized reverse supply chain, including dealer portals and optimized logistics.

  • 04


    A fully digitalized, cost-efficient reverse supply chain was established, lead times have been more than halved and customer satisfaction has significantly increased.

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Markus Lehner

Head of Project Management

Would you like to optimize your return management? We will assess your current return management and provide optimization recommendations or even do it for you.

Contact me for an initial, non-binding conversation and let us explore how we can best support you in optimizing your return management.

Returns Management in the automotive industry is important for several reasons