Obsolete Products

We create a second life for surplus materials and obsolete products!

Obsolete products and surplus materials are inventory that has either reached the end of its product lifecycle, which are overstocked (A-Quality), defective or no longer meet the high-quality standards of a new part (B-Quality). Often these products are seen to have no additional sales or usage capability and are mostly scrapped – causing losses and reducing profitability. By purchasing your obsolete stock in A- or B-Quality, we can help you to gain higher revenues and save valuable resources – positively impacting the environment and extending the product´s lifetime. If needed, we can also guarantee secure and professional recycling and disposal.

Obsolete Products


parts given a second life



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You have obsolete products which you can only scrap (create additional costs), impacting your profitability and carbon footprint?

Obsolete Products Warehouse

By purchasing your obsolete products in A and B-Quality we can solve your problem! We offer you a fast and secure alternative to scrapping, allowing you to achieve higher revenues and increase your sustainability.

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Value added

  • Higher revenues instead of scrapping products
  • Increasing your sustainability and giving products a second life
  • Controlled and secured resale by Encory, without affecting relevant markets
  • Long experience and knowledge within the industry
  • Large network of partners worldwide
  • Possible all-round solution according to suitability: Reuse, recycle and secure disposal